Design and implementation of a series of national workshops aimed at recognizing and developing your skills and experiences and researching new career paths for employment or self-employment. The workshops also provide unique transnational opportunities for women to develop their entrepreneurial ideas with a network of female peers and experts.

The Women Learning Together project partners have designed four workshops to empower women to take positive steps to improve their employment and self-employment opportunities and aspirations. The workshops are part of the Erasmus+ Women Learning Together project designed to support and encourage women to take entrepreneurial actions to build their economic potential and strengthen their communities.

The workshops have been informed by research undertaken by Women Learning Together project partners, with organizations from Belgium, North Macedonia, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. The project’s research report investigated the experiences and needs of women aged between 35 and 55 and will be used to implement specific activities for reskilling and upskilling them as they desire.

Each of the workshops is designed for women to develop their entrepreneurial competence through active, creative and collaborative learning, seeking to foster self-esteem and confidence in workshop participants, by drawing on their talents and creativity, whilst building the relevant skills and values that will develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The entrepreneurial learning approaches used in training also provide opportunities to practice digital competencies essential for life and work in a digital world.

Benefits to women taking part in the workshop

Increased confidence
Connection and creative collaboration with peers
Improving self-esteem and self-worth
Gaining a better understanding of one's strengths and abilities
Building a network of supportive and like-minded individuals
Learning how to set and achieve goals
Developing effective communication and negotiation skills
Identifying and overcoming obstacles to success
Gaining practical experience and hands-on training
Learning about resources and opportunities available to support self-employment and entrepreneurship
Building a sense of community and belonging
Increasing job readiness and employability
Increasing flexible self-employment opportunities.

The workshops will be delivered either in person or online, in three countries – North Macedonia, Spain and Italy. If you are a woman aged between 35 and 55 and want to develop and recognize new skills to open up new career pathways, please contact/register.


For more info please download the Workshop Info document