Now is the perfect time to build a new future.

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About the project

Welcome to the web site of the Project “Women learning together” which is part of Erasmus+ Program.
The situation in the world is changing with a very fast pace. We are witnessing a time that has lots of changes and a time that shall renew everything that the Covid 19 Pandemic has displaced in the world, but also a time in which a new future is being created. One of the things that needs to be paid attention to is the implementation of an entrepreneur’s spirit among individuals and families. In this process the biggest attention should be on women, especially those who have been left without work or don’t have enough skills to involve in the new work positions, new manners of work and gaining new skills.



Expected Learners

More than 300 women will take participation in the project

Project outcomes

This project has a purpose to open new possibilities for changes and during the ongoing crisis create sustainable, innovative, and above everything effective resources to encourage women to map their ways for economic inclusion through employment and self-employment. In this frame, special focus will be put on encouraging women to think about finding solutions for the challenges around them, to open new companies that will be led by women as a foundation and renovation of our communities and our world.


Learn Here The Main Reasons Why You Should Join Us

If you decide to join our WLT project, you will find ways to start solving the problems that you have around your economic independence. You will be able to connect with women in your field who have the same or similar problems, and you will learn much faster about what you need to master in order to be employed or self-employed. We have created a project that will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and new knowledge. Our guidelines will certainly greatly contribute to your professional growth and economic independence

Why women 35-55 age

Yet ongoing issues persist for this 35-55 age-group of women.

Despite their recognized potential in the labor market, many women are not in or fall out of employment as they get older:

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about the Women Learning Together project, please send an email to womenlearningtogether@abw.mk. We hope that this project will provide value to women looking to improve their skills and employability.